Miriam Isa

Meet Miriam Isa, E! News Correspondent and social media influencer based out of Los Angeles, California. 


The Miami born, Cuban - Lebanese host got her start studying Theatre and Acting at FSU before eventually building a career for herself in Los Angeles. Miriam spent time working in night clubs before being offered a job at Defy Media's Clevver Teve, the Spanish language sister channel to Clevver TV. The bilingual host helped launch the channel, growing it to be YouTube's largest Spanish entertainment news channel as well as the most watched. 

Now at E! News as a correspondent, Isa continues to make funny and informative content. Reporting news, interviewing celebrities and entertaining a massive audience only make up a fraction of Miriam's work. Her job doesn't stop when the cameras cut. The host has become quite the public figure, with her Instagram and Twitter accounts having each amassed almost 100k followers. With this audience comes responsibility. Though Miriam prides herself on being outgoing and outspoken, she often needs to watch what she shares and how much of herself she shares online. 


In today's political climate, it's become increasingly difficult for the people in charge of delivering news to remain objective. Miriam tackles this conflict by focusing on the issues at hand such as women's rights and immigrant rights and doing her part to uplift communities through education. Isa, along with a few of her friends, started Angelenos for Tomorrow, a non-profit that brings awareness to and promotes activism and volunteerism among millennials.

Miriam's objective is to help shape the digital universe. It's her goal to create and curate content that is both entertaining and informative. With this, she hopes to help communities in opposition understand eachother and bridge gaps in the way media is targeted and polarized from community to community.

Miriam also notes the disparity between media and content creators versus consumers of that same information. Moving forward, Isa acknowledges the war on facts and would like to be on the side of history that advocates for content/consumer parity, giving a voice to underrepresented communities and creating a democratic media environment. 

This year, expect to see Miriam expanding her message with Angelenos for Tomorrow and creating more amazing content.

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