Maria Hatzistefanis of Rodial


Meet Maria Hatzistefanis, author of How to be Overnight Success, and founder and CEO of Rodial, a beauty brand with a skincare range that offers targeted, fast acting treatments featuring cutting edge ingredients to treat specific skin concerns. Rodial is also known for its makeup line which focuses on contouring and sculpting made simple.

Maria founded the beauty brand out of her home almost 20 years ago, after leaving Greece to get her MBA in New York City, and falling out of touch with a prestigious banking job in London. Her brand, Rodial, is now one of the largest beauty brands in the world, and the Greek entrepreneur has added author to her resume with her new book, How To Be An Overnight Success. The book is part autobiography, part insightful business read that is filled to the brim with tips on how to build a brand from the ground up. Hatzistefanis makes use of personal anecdotes and experiences to drive home the message that "overnight" success, ironically, doesn't come overnight. 


Maria was inspired to write her book after years of speaking at panels and conferences, sharing the story of how she built Rodial and encouraging others to build their own empires of all kinds. "At first I didn't really set out to write a book," says Maria, "I would just jot things down on my iPhone that were happening in the business and eventually it started to take form as a book." 

Running a beauty empire is no easy feat. Maria starts her days bright and early at 5 AM with an espresso, answering emails and checking her @mrsrodial social media accounts for messages and updates. "I like to wake up early so I have some time to plan my day and set the tone", says Maria. By 10 AM, she's at the office, catching up with her Sales, PR, and Creative teams. Because every day is different as an entrepreneur, Hatzistefanis is constantly being pulled in different directions depending on what her business needs on a given day. "One day I would be working on a new celebrity campaign, the next overseeing New Product Development or discussing stock levels and working alongside HR on recruiting new team members." says Maria.

Rodial is known for its eye-catching formulations and tongue in cheek use of innovative ingredients. To keep am eye on new trends, Maria travels frequently to Asia in search of new ingredients to incorporate into new launches. Rodial also takes pride in having an open dialogue with their customers to see where they can fill gaps in the market. "It’s really important to listen to your customers." says Maria.

One of the perks of developing such an incredible line of skincare products is that Maria always has flawless skin that is incapable of aging. Her secrets? She cleanses every morning and night with the Rodial Bee Venom Cleanser, and masks regularly with the Rodial Pink Diamond Sheet Mask and the brand's Dragons Blood Eye Mask to target dark circles. She also indulges in the luxurious Rose Gold Deep Line Filler, which she says is the best product for flawless skin that she's ever used.

In recent projects, NIP+FAB signed Sofia Richie as a brand ambassador. Maria is also working on exciting collaborations for Rodial and is involved in the BFV/Vogue Fund as a mentor and also fundraises for the charity Women for Women International. Her book, How To Be An Overnight Success, has become a #1 Amazon UK Bestseller and is sold in bookstores worldwide.