Nikki Robinson of NOMI Beauty


Meet Nikki Robinson, founder of NOMI Beauty, a company that supplies luxury hair and makeup on-demand to women staying in luxury hotels, whether they need services for a star-studded event or a big meeting at work. NOMI Beauty can get them in-room beauty services in an hour and they can even charge it to their room.

Nikki and the NOMI Beauty team created an artificial intelligence algorithm named Lorelei that seamlessly integrates with Oracle (hotel software) and allows them to make scheduling decisions and match clients with the best makeup artist or hairstylist.

Nikki got her start at Ulta as a saleswoman when she was 16 years old, and went on to become a professional makeup artist, working on everything from Vanity Fair sets to Chanel runways. She majored in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and from there worked at companies like Avon and Bath & Body Works, taking on various roles in marketing and product development, before working for LVMH and eventually starting her own company, NOMI Beauty.


When a good friend of Nikki's was getting married in Boston, she had asked Nikki to come up from New York to do her makeup. What Nikki didn't know, was that her friend's designated makeup artist had never showed up and because there was no salon at the hotel, Nikki had to make over 14 other women and also get herself ready for the wedding. She had an "aha!" moment, thinking there must be a better way to get access to these services, and as time went on, Nikki decided to create NOMI Beauty.


Looking forward, the NOMI Beauty team is working on a project that centers around rewarding clients with complimentary elite makeup services or an elite blowout when they stay 3 nights at one of NOMI's partner hotels. NOMI Beauty also plans on expanding its beauty-on-demand services to Miami in September. Nikki hopes to scale NOMI Beauty globally and turn it into an international business that will allow her to provide the convenience of NOMI to women all around the world and make their lives easier.

Nikki's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? "If you’re interested in creating your own business and building your own brand, you need to have a vision, first and foremost. Having industry knowledge, a co-founder and the right investor are also helpful tools to ensure your business’s success."