Rachael Lange

Rachael Lange is Texas' Angelina Jolie. At 18, Rachael has already begun to establish herself as a model in America. 

Photo by @claymossphoto

Photo by @claymossphoto

Lange was scouted in Early 2016 on a trip to New York City with her friends. A fashion photographer spotted Lange on the streets of Brooklyn. Having only started to model this year, Rachael already has a following of 20 thousand followers and growing.

She describes her style as earthy and natural. At only 5 feet 3 inches, Rachael is considered a "petite" model and works mostly with editorial shoots because she doesn't meet the height requirement for runway. Her portfolio has been a collaborative effort between her and some of her closest photographer friends such as Clay Moss. 

Rachael's background is in dance and has a lot of history in movement and body form. Having just recently graduated from high school, Lange is using this time to travel and work with photographers across America.

She planned a trip to Los Angeles and Oregon for the first few months of 2017 and is exploring and trying to get her name out there as a model. 

Photo by @claymossphoto

Photo by @claymossphoto

Lange says that what her high school didn't teach her was how to succeed without college. She is currently pursuing her childhood dream and she believes that the education system had tried to convince her and her peers that the only way to be successful was to attend college and get a degree. 

Rachael is working on becoming more international and maybe seeing what Europe has in store for her as a model.

She gives thanks and is grateful for social media and Instagram for helping her build a portfolio and brand for herself, as well as for her thousands of followers who support her and her career.

This year, expect to see a lot more of Rachael from some of your favorite photographers. 

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