Rachel Daar of BELLADAAR

Meet Rachel Daar, founder and designer behind BELLADAAR, a line of minimalist jewelry best known for their body chains and timeless pieces. 

Rachel got her start interning at a style house showroom. She would help style clients and often would put her own handmade jewelry creations on them. People would constantly ask her where she got them and she initially felt embarrassed to admit that she had made them herself. She started the line and made a display in the showroom, which sold out entirely in one day. 

Rachel then moved to Santa Barbara for college, attended UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) and started creating more pieces, selling them to girls from her school. She constantly had girls on campus coming in and out of her house, picking and purchasing jewelry from her. This led her to create her website, allowing those girls to shop online, eliminating the need for her to open her home to customers. 

Rachel aims to make BELLADAAR for every girl. As a young, successful millennial woman, Rachel is her own target market and designs for herself first. She gets inspiration from her own need, for example designing body chains for her trip to the Maldives. Once she creates something she likes, she'll crowdsource opinions from her friends, and follows demand before adding it to the collection. Rachel's favorite piece this season is her Shaker Disk Necklace.

She's constantly designing new pieces and producing samples, doing photoshoots and working on creative direction for the brand. 

BELLADAAR has noticed steady growth since its humble beginnings and Rachel hopes to continue growing the brand and get BELLADAAR in big department stores and filling large retail orders. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay committed, work hard, and know that anything is possible when you believe in yourself.