Raya Encheva

Meet Raya Encheva, a travel and lifestyle vlogger and content creator for YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. Raya has built a platform of 300,000 followers across multiple platforms where she shares videos and photos of her travels and experiences. She's created the perfect balance as an influencer, with an audience of adventurous travelers who look to her for tips on new destinations to visit and things to try. She collaborates with brands and destinations and helps them ensure that their products and locations are seen by their target audience.


Raya started watching YouTube in college after moving to a new city. She fell in love with the fashion and beauty community and found that it filled the void of not having friends and girls she could chat with. A few years later, Raya had completed her degree in Social and Cultural Studies and had made friends with some of YouTube's biggest travel vloggers. At that point, she had already moved 18 times across countries and continents and decided to start her channel and hasn't looked back since. 


Currently fully nomadic and living her life on the go, Raya hopes to eventually find a more permanent living base and build a family. Though it might look easy, she spends a lot of her time creating content, editing, posting, and interacting with her audience. Raya says her favorite camera to work with is her Sony RX1000 Mark 5 as it's conveniently sized, with amazing photo and video quality. 


Her advice to young content creators? "Create content around something that you are truly passionate about. It will not only be not as fun if you’re trying to do something you don’t fully care about it, but it will be obvious to the viewers. Being genuine and excited is so easy to see and to fall in love with."