Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD of Lumity Life

Meet Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, founder of Lumity Life, a two-step morning and night supplement with a scientifically balanced of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Lumity supplements work with the body's natural cycles, delivering targeted nutritional support to prevent and help reverse the damage caused by aging.  


Sara, prolific and wildly educated, graduated Cambridge University with a Bachelor's Degree (Honours), Master's Degree, Master of Science, and a PhD. Sara developed and formulated Lumity to help women look and feel their best as they age. 


Sara described the hardest part of creating Lumity as, "releasing the formulation into the hands of a manufacturer and hoping that the end result will be as good as the original idea." Luckily, Lumity was a success and is adored by countless A-List celebrities and supermodels.


Sara's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow what you love and feed your interest with knowledge and training and eventually turn it into a career. 

Lumity was born of a desire to celebrate women and support them in their everyday lives. Lumity supplements aim is to help women feel like the best versions of themselves - full of energy, enthusiastic, good health, radiant beauty, and confidence.