Sarah Fukumoto of MacIntyre Communications


Meet Sarah Fukumoto, Vice President of MacIntyre Communications. Sarah works with lifestyle brands that want to increase their presence with a target consumer. Based on the client's objectives, Sarah and the MacIntyre Communications team build tailored strategies to drive results that include services from event execution to social media management  and influencer programs. MacIntyre Communications is known for creativity and expertise in digital strategies for fashion and beauty brands. 

Sarah got her start in the buying department at a Canadian fashion retailer. From this experience, Sarah realized that she craved creative stimulation, so she started to work on marketing projects and events for the company. As her love for communications and executing result-driven programs grew, she knew that agency life was for her. During this transition, Sarah met Ashley MacIntyre, and the rest is history.  


Over the past few months, Sarah's days have been split between NYC, Miami, Vancouver, Montreal, Paris, Morocco, and Toronto, working on a multitude of different projects including press trips, product launches, and client strategy meetings. 

Sarah has now been with MacIntyre Communications for more than 6 years, which has given her the opportunity to work with over 50 brands. Because Sarah falls into the millennial demographic, she combines her experience with her youth, and keeps in touch with trends and the quickly changing digital landscape which is so important in her work.


Sarah's favourite part of her job is having the licence to be creative and develop unique strategies for each client. Sarah gets to work with a phenomenal roster of brands that she is passionate about and she enjoys having the ability to bring unique ideas and innovative concepts to each brand. "Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, the goal remains the same - clients results and business development," says Fukumoto.

Looking forward, Sarah hopes to continue on her path of personal and professional growth. This Summer, Sarah and the MacIntyre Communications team will be attending Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal for a few key activations with some of her clients. Come Fall, she and her team will already be getting to work on planning and executing previews for clients in 2018 and are working on growing MacIntyre Communications as a company and continue to expand with new hires, as ongoing coaching and staff development with their current employees. 

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