Sarah Nicole Harvey

Meet Sarah Nicole Harvey, full-time model, muse, and owner of e-commerce clothing startup Daddy's Day Off. 

Sarah was scouted by a photographer from Ontario who later became her mentor. He taught her the basics of modeling and networking, as well as the inner workings of the industry. 

Now 21, Harvey is still only in the beginning of her career. Sarah started Daddy's Day Off in 2016, as a joint venture with tattoo artist Curt Montgomery. Daddy's Day Off mixes Sarah's laid back feminine vibe with Curt's minimalist erotic art and illustrations to create a brand that is anything but typical. 

Sarah gained popularity sharing modeling photos and shoots on her Instagram account @boredstifff. Having amassed 16.7K followers and counting, Sarah says her social media accounts have opened up endless opportunities in her career including being in Vogue Italy and being featured as a Playboy Muse. 

Shopping vintage in Toronto? Harvey says some of her favorite places to shop in Toronto are Ransack the Universe, Public Butter, Mama Loves You Vintage, Likely General, 96 Tears Vintage and Soop Soop. For food, Sarah loves The Federal, La Carnita, and Bar Isabel. 

Sarah's advice to aspiring models is to learn the basics, "emoting,posing, posture, lighting awareness, etc" and study your favorite models or artists. 

Follow Sarah on Instagram @boredstifff and Shop Daddy's Day Off at