Sarah Potempa of Beachwaver

Meet Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist and creator of The Beachwaver Co.. Sarah is best known for giving effortless beachy waves to Lea Michele, Ashley Benson, Kendall Jenner and pretty much every Victoria's Secret angel.  

Sarah invented the Beachwaver after years of being asked by countless beauty editors for tutorials on how to recreate her iconic beach waves. The process involved taking a regular curling iron or wand, turning it upside down and wrapping strands around the bare barrel, while holding your fingers at mere centimetres from the 400 degree hot rod. She was on the phone with one beauty editor who was having a particularly hard time understanding the logistics of maneuvering  her curling iron to achieve the look, when she was struck by a "there must be a better way" moment. 

After the phone call, she sat down and sketched out the concept for the Beachwaver, a curling iron with a clip at the base and a motor, that would allow you to create loose beachy waves with minimal effort.  

She shared the idea with her older sister Erin, who was a corporate lawyer in Chicago at the time, and the pair got to work on a prototype. Sarah spent two years in Research and Development before finally launching the product on QVC in January of 2012. Five years later, The Beachwaver Co. is a full-fledged hair tool company, holding multiple beauty and product awards from InStyle, Allure, Good Housekeeping, Harper's Bazaar, and more. 

Sarah got her start styling hair after obtaining her license in Cosmetology from the Aveda Institute. She graduated NYU Gallatin with a Bachelor's in business and creativity which she says came in handy when starting The Beachwaver Co. She learned not only how to build a successful business, but made use of her individualized study concentration in Business and Creativity to think outside the box and apply her creative training in a traditional setting. 

Looking forward, Sarah hopes to continue empowering women to style their own hair and innovate with new tools. Sarah's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to step outside yourself and evaluate your goals.  "Have a vision and take steps to make that happen," says Sarah Potempa. Her strategy when it comes to succeeding in business is to focus on positivity rather than "beating" the competition. She channels her energy toward being the best she can be and she believes that through this, she will continue to succeed.