Marie and Krystal of Shea Brand

Meet Krystal Vaquerano and Marie Arlet, co-founders of Shea Brand, an all-natural and organic line of skin cre products made from sustainable fair trade raw Shea Butter. 


Krystal and Marie, along with their 3rd co-founder Austin Katz, founded Shea Brand in 2016 after years of learning about Shea Butter and its benefits. They found Shea to be the best non-steroidal option to help alleviate the symptoms of Eczema, and later found other uses for it. They began to apply it to scars, dry skin, sunburns, split ends, and stretch marks. The trio came together to create Shea Brand, taking one of their favorite raw ingredients and making a company out of it.


Krystal and Marie both have backgrounds in fashion. The pair graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. Prior to founding Shea Brand, Krystal and Marie worked as Associate Designers for Macy's in New York City. 


One of the things that makes Shea Brand so special is that each and every one of their batches are handmade and whipped. Rather than melting their Shea down, their butters undergo a rigorous whipping process. This level of attention guarantees the best quality and the most love put into each and every product. Not to mention, Shea Brand's label designs, website, and social design assets were all created in-house. 


This creative team of best friends has built an entire company from the ground up. Looking forward, Krystal, Marie, and Austin hope to continue growing the brand and product line. In the next few months, Shea Brand will be launching an all natural lip balm to put an end to chapped lips once an for all. What the trio is most proud of is having created a sustainable, honest, and ethical brand that brings value to people's lives.