Sophie Pawlowski of Girlboss

Meet Sophie Pawlowski. Copywriter at Nasty Gal as well as their resident pun writer. It's Sophie's job to name products and write descriptions for them. She also writes marketing copy for Nasty Gal emails and content for their online magazine/blog Nasty Galaxy.


Sophie got her start interning at Clique Media Group's fashion website Who What Wear while still in college pursuing her degree in English and Comparative Literary Studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles. During her time at WWW, she dabbled in different departments, from social media to fashion. 

Sophie says that growing up, she always knew she wanted to write in some capacity, so pursuing English in college was a no-brainer for her.

After obtaining her degree, she got a job at StyledOn, a startup fashion publication and social discovery platform, where she wrote articles and managed their social media (among other tasks). StyledOn was later acquired by Wantering, a fashion search engine, and Pawlowski was promoted to editor and social media manager. She later was hired on contract to work for TOMS, helping to boost social engagement for their One Day Without Shoes campaign. She was hired at Nasty Gal a month later as a Junior Copywriter.

Sophie's essentials? Pawlowski praises her Moleskine notebook for writing down lists, quotes, and random ideas. She also makes great use of an online Idioms Dictionary for helping her come up with puns, and the Pocket app for saving articles and things she wants to look at later.

She grabs inspiration from Reading, watching classic and cult movies, flipping through beautiful physical magazines, looking at what other writers and artists are doing, exploring Los Angeles, traveling and being around passionate, creative people. Sophie says that when she gets stuck, she'll write down every idea that comes to mind which usually will help her sort through everything and eventually spurs ideas.

Sophie says, she often struggles with impostor syndrome and that there are days when she feels like she isn't doing enough or her work isn't good enough, but when she's in that state, she gives herself pep talks and remembers that it isn't luck that got her a coveted job title at one of the world's largest fashion powerhouses.


Her advice for aspiring copywriters?

Write as much as you can!  Be open to new and different opportunities, and seek them out instead of just waiting for something to happen. If you want something, just go for it, whether that means asking someone who you admire to coffee or pitching to that company that you’ve always wanted to write for. What seems scary now will seem silly later.

When asked to pick a role model, Sophie named Tavi Gevinson. The young journalist and founder of Rookie Magazine. She admires Gevinson for being an intelligent and prolific writer who's stayed true to herself from day one.

She’s real and imperfect and not afraid to explore herself and the world through her writing, which is refreshing in this digital age.

This year, Sophie hopes to channel her inner Tavi Gevinson and get her own blog up and running. She wants to continue writing and working with companies that excite her.

Follow Sophie on Instagram @sillysophs and check out more of her work on her website