Stacie Brockman of Métier Creative

Meet Stacie Brockman, co-founder of Métier Creative, a branding agency best known for helping to launch some of the biggest luxury brands to the market, such as Jen Atkin's Ouai Haircare. Stacie, along with her best friend Erin Kleinberg, founded Métier in 2015, a little over a year after leaving her position as Managing Editor at The Coveteur. 

Photo by Zanita Whittington 

Photo by Zanita Whittington 

The Canadian entrepreneur obtained her Bachelor's in Journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto. While still in school, she completed multiple internships at various acclaimed publications. She was hired at the now folded Flare Magazine as an Entertainment/Features Intern, and later at The Coveteur as an Editorial and Social Media Intern. After Graduating, Stacie was offered a permanent position as Site Content and Social Media Manager. She worked her way up the corporate ladder, scoring herself a spot as Coveteur's Managing Editor and Business Development Manager at only 23 years old. 

As Managing Editor, Stacie worked alongside Coveteur's Creative Director, to ensure everything ran smoothly.  After leaving the Coveteur, Stacie worked at Moving Image + Content and Iced Media where she was able to learn more about content creation for brands and digital marketing. Combining her business know-how with her talent for branding and social media management, she co-founded Métier Creative which has allowed her to put her skills to use working for luxury brands like Dior. 

What sets Métier apart from other marketing firms is their creative and crafted approach to branding. Stacie knows that there's more to a great brand than advertising. Stacie and her Métielves take meticulous care making sure every aspect is on point. "You know that cool brand you love on Instagram 'cause they have dope packaging and, like, you keep seeing it everywhere?! That's because of us." Stacie says, most likely referring to Ouai Haircare, the brand founded by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, which Métier Creative helped turn into a social media sensation with great packaging and branding. 


As a 27 year old, Stacie lands right in the thick of the millennial parameters. To her, this is the biggest advantage. She believes that as a member of Gen C (Generation Connected), she has insight into what social savvy millennials want. She works with the very brands that are trying to market to her friends and peers - this gives her the kind of information the older generation of marketing executives pay millions for. "There's nothing worse than sitting in a room of dinosaur old industry veterans who refer to social media in air quotes as if it's this foreign thing they haven't figured out yet." 

Stacie's advice to young women looking to make their way in the industry is to, "never let the fear of failing or the judgement of others stop you from starting. It's so tough to quit the comfort of a cushy job with great work perks, but there's nothing better than waking up and working for yourself."