Stephanie Dugré of Ella Dugré

Stephanie Dugré is the jewelry designer and entrepreneur behind Ella Dugré. Stephanie started Ella Dugre in 2013 after years of making her own jewelry as a teenager and being known for wearing crazy earrings. 

After high school, Dugré studied Art History in college before deciding to take professional jewelry making lessons and start her company.

Now 29. Stephanie has grown Ella Dugré to be an international brand, selling not only online, but in selected retailers as well. She's done several pop-up shops with the Maison Ogilvy and collaborations with Maison Elama.

Stephanie takes inspiration from architecture and contemporary design. She has a collection with blue and white beads inspired by Greece and Greek style and culture. A lot of her bracelets feature her signature bedazzled sparkle crystal bead. 

The Italian French designer also takes inspiration from her travels. When she's not making and designing jewelry, she's jet-setting across the world, soaking up sights and gaining inspiration for her next collections.

She takes great pride in her Italian and French heritage and says that she grew up speaking Italian and French with her parents and grandparents.

Looking forward, Stephanie would love to continue growing Ella Dugré and hire staff to help her grow and maintain the brand. She says that when it comes to business, something that was challenging for her was learning how to take something so personal to her and scale it to become a profitable business. Despite this, she's pulled it off seamlessly, creating a gorgeous brand and bringing glam to women all around the world.

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