Susan Gertner of Clique Media Group

Susan Gertner is Clique Media Group's Brand Strategy Manager. It's Susan's job to take and manage requests from clients and strategize with Clique Media Group's creative teams to create amazing content that satisfies both the audience and the client.  


Susan was hired as one of the first employees in CMG's New York City office as part of their bi-coastal expansion. Prior to being hired at CMG, Susan worked at some of the fashion industry's most renowned companies. Having graduated from Northwestern University with a mouthful of a degree in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Marketing and Management. Gertner interned at Nylon Magazine in 2010 where she learned the ropes of brand marketing for an accredited publication and was able to make valuable connections in the industry. 

Gertner later worked at as an Associate Editor of their "What's Next" feature, covering the latest in fashion, art, music, and trends. She created original content and ran the social media accounts for the feature. 

She went on to work at Vice Media for 2 years as a Project Manager which allowed her to really get her hands dirty in the world of branded content. She was able to witness VICE's acquisition of i-D magazine in 2012 and see first hand how a media giant tackles fashion and content creation. 

Before finding a home for herself at Clique Media Group, Susan worked as a Senior Account Manager at Cool Hunting, a design, technology, and culture publication. 


Joining the CMG team in late 2015, Susan's position as Brand Strategy Manager is a coveted one to say the least. She helps craft and bring ideas to the table while helping Clique Media Group work with some of the world's largest companies such as wellness powerhouse Unilever. Ideating strategy and working hands on with the Clique Media Group content team for their roster of websites. Susan gets to be the brainchild for ideas that will later come to life before millions of website visitors. 

Susan has been responsible for many successful brand partnerships and came up with the idea behind Clique Media Group's first ever comedy night in partnership with FXX's You're The Worst! 

Clique Media Group works with a multitude of brands while continuing to innovate and change the digital media climate. Helping spearhead advancements in fashion and runway technology, Who What Wear effectuated a fashion show that was 100% shoppable. Attendees were equipped with tablets that allowed them to shop looks as the model passed them on the runway. Viewers at home were offered an interactive shopping experience including detailed perspectives and images of pieces as they were being shown live. 


Susan's advice to aspiring marketing moguls, is to be inquisitive and make genuine connections in the industry from internships and networking opportunities. She also advises young creatives to look for inspiration in strange places. 

In a glowing reference from Clique Media Group's Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Elizabeth Conway, she says of Susan, "She has an amazing way of taking what a client wants and marrying it with our content team's creative capabilities."

Stay tuned for more creative genius from both Susan and the rest of the Clique Media Group team, bridging the gap between valuable content and branded sponsorship.