Sylvia Gani, YouTuber

Meet Sylvia Gani, a YouTube beauty vlogger, best known for testing some of the craziest makeup trends and sharing tips and tutorials. 

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Sylvia got her start working at MAC Cosmetics as a teenager. She then extended her interest in beauty to working freelance as a makeup artist. She went on to start her YouTube channel to share her love and passion for makeup with the world, and the rest is history!

Success didn't come overnight for Sylvia, but she's managed to grow an audience of over 1.4 MILLION subscribers worldwide, each of which she is endlessly grateful for and has coined as her "S-Club". 

To film, she uses her Canon 70D with a Canon 24-70mm lens, which she uses to shoot her in-studio videos in front of her LED Go LG-V58C 2K1 Flexible LED Studio Light. When vlogging her day-to-day activities, she uses her Canon G7X.


Because she's grown such a massive audience, she's in the public eye and is constantly being scrutinized and criticized. Sylvia accepts that she cannot make over 1.4 Million people happy, and strives to be the best she can be and make herself happy. She's constantly coming up with new ideas and producing fresh content, but when she hits a creative block, she takes a day to de-stress and, "do absolutely nothing except watch YouTube videos, Netflix, and take a bubble bath," says Sylvia, "It's the perfect cocktail to conjure up some new ideas and feel inspired."

Of all the videos she's ever created, Sylvia is still obsessed with the video where she did her boyfriend's makeup. "I can still watch it and laugh the whole way through," says Sylvia. 

I asked Sylvia to spill the details on fun projects she's working on, and she was able to share that she is in the process of creating cool S-Club merch, which she's excited to share with her audience. 

Sylvia's advice to aspiring YouTubers? "Don't give up! Be consistent and work hard, it will take you far."