Taylor Frankel of NUDESTIX

Meet Taylor Frankel, the co-founder of NUDESTIX, a makeup brand that specializes in bringing millennials the "No Makeup Makeup" look. 

NUDESTIX was founded by Taylor, her sister Ally, and their mother Jenny who happens to be the co-founder of the wildy successful professional makeup brand Cover FX. 

The trio started NUDESTIX 3 years ago as a bonding exercise between Jenny and her teenage daughters. They began to talk about what teen girls are interested in and found that there weren't enough brands out there owning the natural look. Taylor and Ally found that they were drawn to girls like Cara Delevigne who are known for their bare faces and and natural looks. From Jenny's background in cosmetic chemistry as a beauty engineer, combined with the girl's vision for natural and youthful beauty, NUDESTIX was born. 

3 years later, NUDESTIX is an internationally renowned brand sold in Sephora as well as hundreds of other stores worldwide.

Taylor is not only co-founder, but also the face of the brand along with her sister Ally. She helps manage the brand's social media platforms, conceptualizes and tests new products, and essentially has her hands on some of the most important parts of what makes NUDESTIX so great. The 20 year old studied Business in university before deciding to work full-time at NUDESTIX and help grow the brand. She believes that some of the most important lessons to be learned about what's it takes to run a successful business, she can learn by, well... actually running one. 


The Toronto native acknowledges her youth and says a lot of companies that market and target millennials make the mistake of not listening to them. What NUDESTIX brings to the industry is a fresh outlook on beauty for the every day girl that doesn't have time (or doesn't want to) go full on Glam to go to class or work, but still wants to look put together. NUDESTIX has created a line of products that can stand alone or work together to create a very subtle and natural look that accentuates rather than hides. 

In only 3 years, the girls have managed to turn their indie beauty brand into the modern girl's must have. All-over lip colors that you can throw in your purse, multitasking cheek and lip pencils, and portable, creamy pencil formulas are just a few of the things that have made NUDESTIX a winner and a bestseller. 

Looking forward, Taylor would love to see how big she and the team can make NUDESTIX. This year, the brand is expanding into more Sephora stores in Europe as well as United Arab Emirates. They are also working on launching more products, such as the NUDESTIX Nudies All Over Face Color Highlight, Blush, Bronzer, and Lip Color. 

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