Jackie Zupan of Tule Fog

Jackie is the founder and CEO of Tule Fog, a California based soy candle company.  

Jackie started Tule Fog in December of 2016, after learning about the components of traditional paraffin wax candles. Though she loved the ambiance and aromatherapy candles provide, she became conscious of what she was emitting while burning them. She started looking into alternatives and found soy wax, a clean burning eco-friendly substitute.  


The name Tule Fog (Pronounced "Too-lee Fog") was inspired by the dense fall Fog that hangs over San Francisco skies. Jackie says that the Fog makes her want to get cozy and cuddle with a nice candle burning in the background. She started Tule Fog with the help of a close friend and her husband.  

Jackie collaborated with the Hawaiian Californian catering company Morepleaze to craft 4 scents for the line. She says that the culinary world is deeply rooted and linked to aroma and that she couldn't think of a better partner than Morepleaze to help her design fragrances for the candle line.  


When Jackie isn't working on Tule Fog, which she says takes up most of her time, she teaches yoga locally in her city.  

In the next few months, expect brand new scents and collaborations from Tule Fog, and expect to start hearing more from this indie candle company. 

 Shop Tule Fog Candles at tulefogcandles.com and Follow Tule Fog on Instagram @tulefogcandles