Valerie Simone


Graphic designer, photographer, and self-proclaimed hamburger enthusiast Valerie Simone is charting her path to independence. Only 23, and Valerie has graduated from both Concordia and McGill University and is ready to take the world head on.

Multidisciplinary and equally talented in every medium she works with, Valerie is working on leveling up her freelance game with more graphic design projects.

She describes her style as eclectic and truly lives this in her day to day, with eclecticism expanding to her taste in clothes, movies, music, and even her Instagram @eclecticiste

She combines her minimalist cool aesthetic with her love for everything cozy comfy with the occasional bold pop of fun on her Instagram. 

Valerie says that when experiencing a creative block, she uses a method practiced in an art class she took in school. Backing away from the project and reassessing your vision rather than getting caught in the details. Get re-inspired by the big picture and it will come to you. 

In her off time, you can catch Valerie on a Netflix Gilmore Girls binge with a glass of wine. (Same)

In 2017, expect to see more freelance work from Valerie and maybe some sneak peeks from a novel she's working on. 

Follow Valerie on Instagram @eclecticiste and check out her photography at