Veera Brückler of TwistBe

Meet Veera Brückler, the founder and CEO of TwistBe, an online store and a holistic concept store based in Helsinki, Finland. The store focuses on selling skincare products that are non-toxic, organic, and made from natural ingredients. 


TwistBe came as a result of Veera's lifestyle blog C'est La Veera which she started while on maternity leave with her second child. While writing the blog, Veera learned a lot about the beauty industry and realized that many products contain potentially harmful ingredients and are made with cheap fillers rather than quality ingredients. Veera became more invested in the topic and decided to obtain a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. 


Veera founded TwistBe with two friends from University and is a holistic concept store located in Downtown Helsinki, Finland as well as an online store which delivers worldwide. TwistBe is focused on skincare, with a product selection that is made without toxic, harmful, or unnecessary chemicals.


Veera realized that in order to find the best products, she needed study the ingredient lists of every product she used to decipher marketing claims from fact. She later found the occasional  product that lived up to its claims while travelling, but never knew of a place where she could purchase products that are pure, natural, and of good quality. That's where the concept of TwistBe came about. The acronym TwistBe stands for "The Way It's Supposed to Be".