Ver Sepasi

Meet Ver Sepasi, a world renowned photographer and social media influencer. 

After graduating from Concordia with a Bachelor's in Spanish, she felt that after so many years studying language, she had no interest in working in the field. The linguist speaks 9 languages in total, including English, French, Spanish, and Italian (among others).

Instead of finding work in her field of study, she took up haphazard jobs, working everything from retail to event and wedding planning. 

3 years ago, Ver decided to start taking her photography seriously. First taking pictures of her friends before beginning to take on professional clients. 

Ver describes her style as minimalist bohemian. She brings her Canon 6D and 24 - 105 Canon lens with her on her extensive travels around the world, capturing lush nature shots as well as boho campaigns for her roster of corporate clients. 

Photo by Ver Sepasi // Model

Photo by Ver Sepasi // Model

Sepasi started garnering attention for her work on Instagram about a year and a half ago, growing her audience from a couple thousand to her now 33,000+ followers and counting. She is grateful for the opportunities her audience has afforded her, including allowing her to travel and shoot all around the world. She recently finished up a trip to Bali, Indonesia. 

Ver's advice to aspiring photographers is to create engagement with your work. Post your work anywhere you can, get feedback, enter contests and never stop learning. 

She says that she didn't get to where she is overnight. For her success, she thanks her network for supporting her and helping her make meaningful connections as well as her own drive and hustle for propelling her to take her work to new heights. 

Ver keeps an inspiration folder on her laptop where she keeps images that spark ideas for her. She enjoys mixing elements from images to create fresh and original projects.

Despite her success thus far, Ver is neither complacent, nor cocky. She remains humble and hones in on her craft, only improving with time and practice. 

Follow Ver's journey on Instagram @versepasi and check out some of her projects on her website