Whitney Casey of Finery

Meet Whitney Casey, co-founder of Finery.com, a digital wardrobe management website that allows women to store their closets online, style outfits for present and future events, keep track of sales and pending returns, and do it all seamlessly in one place. 


Whitney co-founded Finery with actress and model, Brooklyn Decker. The pair have been close friends for years and always toyed with the idea of starting a company together. Having dreamt up ideas for luxe e-commerce sites and countless online retail opportunities, they came to the conclusion that they wanted to not only innovate, but solve a problem. 

An entirely new venture for Whitney, Finery is a new page in her impressive and prolific resume. Whitney is best known as a journalist and TV news personality, having been a reporter and anchor for some of the world's biggest news outlets including NBC, CBS, CNN, and ABC News. She went on produce and host CBS' "Great Day" live audience talk show before publishing her first book.  

When coming up with the concept behind Finery, Whitney and Brooklyn wanted to tackle a problem they both faced on a daily basis. As busy career women in the public eye, they spend hours getting ready, planning outfits for events, and figuring out what to wear. 


Whitney learned what she needed to know about the tech industry from scratch and has become somewhat of an expert through nothing but her devotion and commitment to learn and discover. One of the biggest struggles Whitney and Brooklyn faced when trying to pitch their idea to investors was coming up with their elevator pitch and condensing all of Finery.com's extensive features into one sentence. Finery is so much more than Cher Horowitz' Clueless closet come to life. Finery boasts a database of over 1,000,000 items, along with the ability to seamlessly import your recent purchases from your email, remind you of when you need to return items, plan outfits for future events with their full functionality calendar feature, and so much more.


Looking forward, Whitney and Brooklyn are working on partnerships and collaborations with unlikely tech companies such as Match.com and TheSkimm.  Finery aims to use partnerships to enrich the lives of women who use Finery rather than be another one of the countless businesses marketing to women for a cheap buck. 

 Whitney wants to not only save women time and money, but also help women's closets work for them. She looks to answer the question, "Can technology help style women and get them ready for events?" With Finery, the answer is finally yes.