Kiara's Ultimate Guide to Self-Care

Drink water. Take a shower even when you don't feel like it. Keep your skin moisturized. Feeling good is the most important part of ant outfit. Eat something. If you're struggling to get out of bed, convince yourself you really have to pee. Buy clothes that make you excited to get dressed. Make a feel-good playlist. Baby steps. Find a fragrance you love and wear it all the time. Treat your cuts and scrapes. Take care of your skin. Find a reason to leave the house. Create. Keep a journal. Try watercolor painting. Turn the lights on. Get rid of your garbage. Clean off a surface. Make your bed. Save up to buy yourself something you really want. Get yourself gifts. Find a hobby you really enjoy. Join a group. Go to restaurants with friends. Find any excuse to dress up. Try meditation. Use lip balm. Take bubble baths. Make daily to-do lists. Set monthly goals. Make small steps toward self-improvement. Work on time management and organization. Quit smoking. Don't drown your feelings in alcohol. Take pride in progress. Quit smoking. Consider therapy. Try to drink less soda. Know what makes you comfortable and don't be afraid to say no. Keep your nails clean. Go to bed earlier. Wear cute underwear. Spend more time in silence. Get comfortable with your thoughts. Give your feelings space. Allow yourself to cry. Stop letting people treat you badly. Demand respect. Give your opinion. Accept compliments. Eat the cake. Accept your body as nothing more than a body. Stop idolizing others. Remember to take care of yourself. Promise?

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