Erno Laszlo Hydrate & Nourish Phelityl Night Cream

Erno Laszlo Hydrate & Nourish Phelityl Night Cream

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A balancing act. This lightweight cream smooths on without feeling greasy, then penetrates to begin replenishing nutrients and the moisture barrier vital to healthy skin. In the morning, your skin is not only pH-balanced, but plumper, with a youthful tone and glow. One of our earliest innovations, the Phelityl complex is still an advanced way to deliver moisture to skin—by matching skin's pH and replenishing the fatty acids essential to its health. It pairs with natural skin soothers and refiners to renew your complexion as you sleep.

  • Glycerin, a natural moisture magnet, blends with essential fatty acids found naturally in our skin to restore skin's moisture levels—and a glowing complexion.

  • Silicon is a hydrator that helps rebuild skin as it smooths and fills the fine lines that come with dryness.

  • Sweet Birch and Clove Oil both aid skin repair: the first as a mild exfoliator that boosts cell renewal; the last by eliminating oil and bacteria while calming irritation.

  • Our Phelityl Night Cream contains concentrates of natural raw materials and extracts. Due to the nature of these actives, each batch can vary from time to time with slight variations in color, texture and scent. When first produced Phelityl Night Cream, like tofu, has a soft and silky appearance, and over time it cures, producing a more bouncy texture. This transformation does not impact the product quality or efficacy. This is one of the reasons our Phelityl Night Cream is also known as the Tofu Cream.

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